Montréal, November 21, 2016 - Faithful to a reputation built over almost four decades, the Montreal Book Fair once again gave life and energy to Place Bonaventure!

This year, the Bahá’í Publishing offered a theme to encourage young visitors to take action for the well-being of their communities: "Unity in Diversity". Throughout the exhibition, from 16 to 21 November, dozens of young readers left a message on how they could contribute to betterment of a society as multicultural as ours. Eight large multi-colored posters including the Bahá’í principles adorned the wall of our booth, designed with great beauty.

A large number of messages from these young visitors, who for the most part visited the Book Fair with their schools, demonstrated a great awareness of environmental protection issues such as recycling and pollution control. Dozens of them also stressed the importance of respect and good behavior in general.

During these exciting six days of the 39th Montreal Book Fair, a real book festival, more than 2,000 authors, more than 1,000 publishers and 115,000 readers of all ages have been received! Our team of volunteers happily welcomed more than 2,000 visitors at our booth at this major cultural event in Montreal.

At the conclusion of these six days of celebration, we are highly encouraged to suggest that the Montreal Book Fair remains an essential showcase for the book as well as a place for discussion and listening. Overjoyed with the success of this 39th year, we warmly thank all the friends who dedicated their time to be present at our booth as volunteers and would like to invite everyone to come and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the event and the 375th of Montreal from November 15 to 20, 2017!




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