Authors Corner

Elaheh Bos studied Applied Human sciences with a specialization in Human Relations. Through various experiences, she has learned the importance of incorporating different tools and life skills to help with anxiety and to create better lives for ourselves and mostly for our children. She uses her knowledge of systems intervention to create tools and books that can help parents, teachers and health professionals. She is a passionate public speaker, a self-taught artist and entrepreneur who believes in our innate capacity to bloom. She loves to write books, create new journals and collaborate on different projects with amazing people.

She is the founder of Plant Love Grow. A resource site that creates books and resources to assist parents, teachers and health professionals.

Amongst the many books she writes, illustrates and collaborates on, you will find books that help with learning about virtues, managing emotions, as well as books that tackle death and the soul's journey. The books are meant to help guide, nurture and inspire children ages 4 - 12. 

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