Book Reviews

Feeling fortunate but awful: 

This is a book of poetry and prose chronicling my journey through depression to healing.

The aim of this book is to better understand depression, which affects millions of people and is still misunderstood. There are lessons learned in self care that I share as well which can apply to any one of us. I write about friendship, authenticity and setting limits for oneself.  I also discuss the role of creativity and prayer in healing. And finally, I reflect on the value of challenges in our growth and development.

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Collage of me:

This book of poetry consists of reflections on identity and belonging.  I left Iran when I was fourteen and I write about how my view of identity has changed and grown since then.  It’s the story of immigration and its affects on how we see ourselves and where we feel we belong.  It’s the story of East meeting West and its repercussions.


 Available at Bahá'i Book store Montreal : Bookstore

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