Authors Corner

Authors Corner

Rachel Tremblay is a Canadian artist, musician and writer. Working on poetry, songs and hip-hop lyrics in her young adult life, she also spent a lot of time drawing. This led her to study fine arts in Matane, Quebec and then Kelowna, British Columbia. Without abandoning her other artistic endeavours, she wrote her first music album, under the band name August Elliot, upon returning to Quebec. During this time she married and had her first child. She spent a good part of the next decade honing her craft as a classical / surrealist painter under the wing of the Argentinian painter Alejandro Boim, all while writing music for her second album, gigging, working as a graphic designer, and giving life to a second child. Painting, music and poetry led her to finally write novels doused in magic and fantasy. A homeschooling mother, vegan and straight-edge, she lives against the grain as a spiritual warrior who believes in the innate goodness of the human heart. You can find her in her native Montreal or in the Laurentian woods walking her dogs or making art in some form or other.

From childhood, Ilona Sala Weinstein had a broad grounding in religion, with a Baha'i father, Jewish mother, and Catholic primary schooling.  Her years at McGill University introduced the concepts of agnosticism and atheism.  Travel adventures culminated in independently investigating and joining the Baha'i Faith far from home in Miami, Florida.

A career in teaching expanded into other education-related fields including creating museum activities for children and helping develop an online reference library of educational websites.  Love of reading began with fairy tales and nursery rhymes,  and never stopped. Writing seemed to follow. When some boxes of letters and papers of her aunt and uncle came her way she saw that these contained treasures to be shared, and Tending the Garden was the result.

Merryl Hammond PhD studied nursing and community health in South Africa and - escaping apartheid - immigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1988. She's a public health consultant for Indigenous clients and has published widely in both countries. She was struck with bipolar disorder at age 51 and flipped from researcher and health worker to locked-ward patient.

In "Mad Like Me: Travels in Bipolar Country" she discloses - in vivid and illuminating detail - what she and her family confronted on their unplanned journey deep into "bipolar country" and ultimately to recovery. This memoir fights the stigma of mental illness and gives readers sincere cause for hope.


Lida Berghuis was born in Iran and immigrated with her family to Canada when she was fourteen. Since then she has lived in three provinces of Canada, the US and the Netherlands.  She is very interested in the intersection of cultures and what we can learn from each other. She is a Teacher of English as a Second Language and has met new immigrants from many countries in her classes over the years. She lives in Montreal with her husband and family and is the mother of three children.


Elaheh Bos studied Applied Human sciences with a specialization in Human Relations. Through various experiences, she has learned the importance of incorporating different tools and life skills to help with anxiety and to create better lives for ourselves and mostly for our children. She uses her knowledge of systems intervention to create tools and books that can help parents, teachers and health professionals. She is a passionate public speaker, a self-taught artist and entrepreneur who believes in our innate capacity to bloom. She loves to write books, create new journals and collaborate on different projects with amazing people.

She is the founder of Plant Love Grow. A resource site that creates books and resources to assist parents, teachers and health professionals.

Amongst the many books she writes, illustrates and collaborates on, you will find books that help with learning about virtues, managing emotions, as well as books that tackle death and the soul's journey. The books are meant to help guide, nurture and inspire children ages 4 - 12. 

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