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This best-selling memoir is 283 pages with three appendices (including a detailed one about self-care strategies to maintain mental stability) and a list of references and resources. It chronicles the author’s journey through the earliest stages of bipolar disorder, denial of the diagnosis, eventual acceptance and treatment initiation, numerous episodes of depression, hypomania and mania, two psychiatric hospitalizations, to eventual stability. 

The book has a Foreword by a Baha’i scholar, Dr. A-M. Ghadirian, and takes readers through the vivid details of her struggles with bipolar. By retelling events with unblinking honesty, she hopes to demystify this greatly misunderstood mental illness, to humanize the people it affects, and to caution readers who are currently enjoying good mental health: protect your mental wellness at all costs, or you too could find yourself on the wrong side of the very thin line that separates mental health from mental illness. This book is a testimony to hope and recovery, and to her family who stood by her through the pain and the triumph of their shared saga. 

Readers and reviewers are calling the memoir “mesmerizing”, “captivating”, “compelling”, “enlightening”, “inspiring”, and “beautifully written; powerfully honest”. It’s essential reading for patients working towards recovery, families who need insight into what it’s truly like to have a mental illness, and health professionals.


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