At 5:00 pm on Sunday June 21, 2015, a group of representatives of different religious organizations gathered and invited their members to say prayers. Reverend Darryl Gray and Father John Walsh organized the Prayer Vigil “to honor Charleston victims and acknowledge the terrorist attack on a black church; and to bring together a 'community of conscience' to unite in prayer, peace and justice.”

They requested “ten to eleven people to confirm availability to say prayers on behalf of each of the nine victims, the shooter, and the people of Charleston.” The invitation was distributed/circulated through the different churches, communities, and media networks. I attended on behalf of the Baha'í Community.

Some of the other speakers were:

  • Rev. Randolph Phillips of Montreal's Robinson African Methodist Episcopal Church (an affiliated church to Charleston's Emanuel AME)
  • Rabbi Reuben Poupko
  • Pharaoh Freeman
  • Rabbi Lionel Moses
  • Howard Liebman
  • Chaim Steinmetz
  • Father John Walsh
  • Rev. Darryl Gray

Likewise, CDN/NDG Mayor Russell Copeman attended and said some words. We met at a church in 6870 Terrebonne Ave, Montreal. There were singers, musicians, and a choir.

Adrianna Cleeves, Director
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