Montreal, April 22, 2018 – A delegation from the Bahá'í Community and dozens of other community organizations were invited by the Borough of Saint-Laurent to Centre des loisirs on the occasion of Volunteer Appreciation Brunch 2018. During the past three decades, a number of individuals in this community have been actively involved in the events of various organizations in the Borough, such as the YMCA, COSSEL and the International Day of Peace. 

During the appreciation ceremony, a slideshow of the activities of the youth and children of the Bahá'í Community as well as the Bicentenary celebration was presented to participants on a giant screen! The purpose of our undertakings which is to improve the conditions of the present society through youth empowerment and service were also highlighted in the Slide-show. 

The Volunteer Appreciation Brunch highlights the many initiatives that community organizations have undertaken over the past years. 

At the 26th Volunteer Brunch, the Mayor Alan DeSousa and Councilors paid tribute to all those who help make Saint-Laurent a dynamic community through their dedication and commitment to various organizations. Centre des loisirs hosted more than 300 volunteers representing some 70 organizations in Saint-Laurent. The Mayor, in his speech, emphasized the importance of community work and its influence on peace and tranquility that reigns in this borough thanks to our dedicated volunteers.

The borough of Saint-Laurent embraces the largest ethnic diversity in Montreal, some 70 varieties, speaking over a hundred languages and dialects. 53% of the population of this borough is composed of immigrants! More than half of the residents in this municipality can carry a conversation in both French and English (59%). French remains however the language mostly used at home, although English and Arabic are also spoken daily by a large number of people.

This neighborhood has many community-based organizations working in various spheres of activity: employment, education, housing, food security, etc. 

The Volunteer Appreciation Brunch is a special time to gather around a meal, celebrate the many achievements and recognize all the work accomplished throughout the past year.


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