Montreal, September 21, 2022 - An inspiring and promising ceremony was held at the stroke of noon in Beaudet Park, also known as "Peace Park" to mark the International Day of Peace. Bringing together key players from the borough, including members of Council, the Acting Mayor, the MNA for Saint-Laurent, representatives of some 15 community organizations, as well as some 60 young people of all ages, this celebration was organized in partnership with the borough of Saint-Laurent, the Intercultural Committee of the Saint-Laurent Social Agencies Committee, and the Bahá'í Community of Montreal.

Saint-Laurent is known for the peaceful cohabitation of its many cultural communities, and this was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the peace and social harmony that has prevailed there for many years. 

One after the other, Laurentian personalities took the stage to give their testimony and their vision of a world free of racism and racial discrimination. Young people also took an active part in this ceremony. Forty students from the École internationale des Appendants and fifteen from the Centre Communautaire Bon Courage Place Benoît delivered their very touching message on racism and peace through poems, slams, drawings and crafts and ended with a fashion show! A duet of a piano student from Cégep de Saint-Laurent accompanied by the violin of a high caliber musician, Jacques Proulx, accompanied the participants throughout the ceremony.

Since 2021, we have chosen to propose a perennial and mobilizing theme that encourages people to think and act," says the Saint-Laurent borough communications officer. If we want to "Act for Equality", we must first name and recognize the issues, problems and constraints that exacerbate inequalities, and then propose and implement concrete initiatives.

In her address, the representative of the Montreal Bahá'í Community, Gigi Vidal, mentioned that the United Nations is proposing that in 2022 we put an end to racism and build a lasting peace. To achieve this, "we need to create a world in which people are treated equally, regardless of their race.... We all have a role to play in promoting peace.  And fighting racism is a significant way to do that." 

She emphasized, "We will continue to raise the banner of Unity in Diversity." "World peace is not only possible, it is inevitable." Furthermore, she made an appeal to young people: "You are our ambassadors and builders of peace! Together we can change the world!"

To conclude, the participants gathered for a minute of silence to think about the victims of war and injustice in the world.

It was a very touching and memorable ceremony.


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