Montreal, June 7, 2024- CEGEP Vanier was host to a community gathering organized by the junior youth in Saint-Laurent neighbourhood.

The gathering consisted of presentations made by members of the junior youth group, based on what they were learning in their studies together, as well as some music. Members of The group also presented its mission statement for those who were unfamiliar with what a junior youth group is or does.

Parents, family, and friends, as well as wider community members listened with admiration to the presentations and took part in singing and music. A variety of subjects such as Protection and preservation of nature, Secret of success in one’s life, Service to family and neighbourhood, Truthfulness of Speech and Generosity were but a few of those presentations made in both languages.

Many parents brought refreshments to cover all the desks and they made sure everyone received a portion! As refreshments being served, the young participants sat with parents and visitors in several workshop to hear their elders to share their thoughts with them in relation to the subjects were presented. The conversation was lively and more important of all they were very encouraging and supporting of the project.

This training project started some two years ago by few enthusiasts from other Montreal neighbourhoods and at the moment consists of a group of 12 junior youths who gather weekly in one of the class rooms at Vanier College, study and discuss a number of Virtues related principles and try to put them into practice through their behaviours in their daily lives.

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme is a global movement inspiring young people, parents, and community members to work together toward a better world. Over the past 10 years, the programme has grown all over Canada from being supported by a small group of youth to include over a few hundred young people. 

The programme is not religious in nature, and does not instruct participants in faith-based laws or teachings. It does use profound and universal moral standards to inspire them to take charge of their own development and contribute to the progress of their communities. The materials the programme uses are filled with moral concepts inspired by Bahá'í principles, such as seeking hope in times of despair and striving for excellence in all things. 


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