Our cultures, our wealth

Montreal, May 25, 2014: As a part of Montréal Museum Day, in collaboration with the Immigrant Committee of the COSSL, the Saint-Laurent Borough and the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec introduced a day activity entitled "our cultures, our wealth".

The Museum thus offered another dimension to visitors, the rich culture and diversity of this borough comprising 166 ethnic communities.

In tents on the square in front of the Museum, many craftsmen and artists of various cultural diversity have spread out their work and the objects of their heritage. Songs, dances, workshops for children and presentations were part of this event.

The Bahá’í community, registered as a charitable association, was invited to present what it could offer as service to the community. We were inspired from training programme for the youth and children and we prepared a small exhibition accompanied by a large sign entitled "Together, the youth can change the world".  The day was beautiful and happy passers-by who had already visited the Museum freely, spent much time at our table to ask questions and took the explanatory leaflets about the Youth and children learning program. The borough police who also had an exhibition next to ours as well as other educational intuitions of the city have shown a keen interest about spiritual transformation of youth and children.

The Montreal museums day is a popular and unique event in North America.  The avowed purpose of this initiative is to publicize the Montréal museums and to create a real commitment of the population for the latter. It is a way to bring the museums closer to the community and make culture and knowledge accessible to all.



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